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Educating Yourself

Education is the first step towards starting or expanding a family. Learning about different choices is key to making the right decision for you. Today there are many paths toward building a family, include adoption (newborn, foster care and international adoption); and assisted reproductive technology (surrogacy, gestational carriers, donor egg, donor sperm and embryo adoption).

Today there are many paths toward building a family.

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Facing issues Early On

Weighing pros and cons of different alternatives requires careful thought and good guidance. The process can often be overwhelming for prospective parents. In order to determine what course is best for you, it will be important to retain experienced and skilled professionals to assist you with comparing and contrasting your options (both emotional and financial) and helping you follow through in a timely and economic manner with the chosen path.

Available educational resources are plentiful today. We suggest you peruse the Resources section of our site as a great way to get started. Many educational and support groups are available online as well as through other media, or in person. Seek out and speak with friends and acquaintances that have successfully completed the process to learn who they have engaged to help them.

retain experienced, skilled professionals to assist you

About us

Finding the Right Attorney

In selecting an attorney, experience and empathy are important. You want a representative who has deep knowledge in the field as well as one who understands the emotional and financial needs and pressures. You also want to engage legal and other professionals with whom you feel a connection and with whom you can readily communicate your concerns and goals. You should expect to have many questions as you go through the family building process, and you want trusted professionals available to help provide the answers.

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experience and empathy are important